About us

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH is headquartered with its production site in the Chempark Leverkusen.

Our product portfolio includes specialties such as dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and anti-foaming agents. Our products are used in the agrochemicals, fibre manufacturing, paints and coatings segments.

We are also a member of the group of companies owned by Diersch & Schröder Group in Bremen.

Introduction to LEVACO Chemicals GmbH and LEVACO Far East Limited companies.

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the most important chemical region within Germany.

It is here where LEVACO is home-based.

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH is a young company with an experienced and visionary team. The team has over 50 years of experience in the industry.

The company´s core competencies are in the fields of Agrochemicals, Chemical Solutions, and Fibre Chemicals. They produce innovative products which are able to support solutions to major challenges within the industry. In addition, LEVACO manufactures specialty chemicals for well-known chemical companies on a contractual basis.

Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world.

It is here where LEVACO Far East Limited is home-based.

LEVACO Far East Limited

LEVACO Far East Limited continues the company´s philosophy as a market leader with an "eye for innovation."

Through the headquarters in Hong Kong, the focus of working with specialty chemicals is expanded throughout the Far East.

The expansion of the product portfolio in the Agrochemicals, Chemical Solutions, and Fibre Chemicals business units is encouraging. Our customers will benefit due to the proximity of being located there.

We operate Worldwide with teams at both companies as well as partners.

We are responsible for our products from manufacturing to transporting and further processing when it is required.