Did you know……

... that about 70 % of the materials produced by the chemical industry are used further in the industrial processing chain?

The encompassing product range of the chemical industry is in demand worldwide. It is here, the German chemical industry is able to compete internationally. The German chemical industry is ranked number 1 in Europe and number 3 in the world. The industry is highly globalized. Worldwide, it is the export champion of chemical products. The German chemical companies have long been at home on the global market. They have production sites in almost all regions and countries.

The importance of the German chemical industry as a driving power of the global economy is considerable. Almost 18 % of the research and development expenditures come from the chemical industry. Many innovative production technologies are only possible with high-quality specialty chemicals.

The German chemical industry corresponds to the principle of sustainable development, which is taking into account equal consideration to environmental, social and economic goals. The German chemical industry invests in environmental protection, increases energy efficiency and contributes to the saving of resources with its products and processes. As a major industrial employer, it also fulfils its social responsibility.