Fibre Chemicals

Fibre Chemicals

LEVACO manufactures a wide range of auxiliaries for the man-made fibre industry and has an experienced team with in-depth knowledge for the development, production and use of spin finishes and other process chemicals for fibre production.

Our product range includes:

  • Viscose: modifiers, spin bath additives, antistatic agents and lubricants for staple fibre and filament yarn
  • Acryl: lubricants, antistatic agents and softeners for tow and staple fibre
  • Polypropylene: BCF and CF finishes for filament yarn as well as finishes for staple fibre and non-woven
  • Polyamide: POY, FDY, ATY and BCF finishes
  • Polyester: FDY finishes for knitting and weaving yarn, BCF finishes and staple fibre finishes for yarn & non-woven

Our trade names are:

  • LUCRASPIN® – Auxiliaries for man-made fibre production

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