Fibre Solutions

Fibre Solutions

The Fibre Solutions team at LEVACO Chemicals offers more than just chemicals for the man-made fibre industry. Our team of experts works in close cooperation with customers and partners in finding tailor-made solutions to their specific needs. We offer new innovative spin finishes, advancements in process chemicals and the optimization of production processes.

The LEVACO Fibre Solutions team has decades of experience in the fibre industry and is ready to assist you worldwide, 24/7.

Our product range includes:

  • Viscose
    Activators, modifiers, spin bath additives, antistatic agents and lubricants for staple fibre and filament yarn
  • Acryl 
    Lubricants, antistatic agents and softeners for tow and staple fibre
  • Polypropylene
    BCF and CF finishes for filament yarn as well as finishes for staple fibre and nonwoven for hygiene and technical applications
  • Polyamide
    POY, FDY, ATY and BCF finishes
  • Polyester
    FDY finishes for knitting and weaving yarn, BCF finishes and staple fibre finishes for nonwoven

LUCRASPIN® – LEVACO´s trade name for man-made fibre auxiliaries

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