About us

LEVACO Far East Limited

With its Asian headquarters in Hong Kong, LEVACO brings its competence and experience as a high-quality specialist in chemistry near to customers in the Asian countries. LEVACO offers a wide range of chemical additives for Agro Solutions, Coating Solutions and Fibre Solutions. Besides, LEVACO is experienced in the contract manufacturing business and may as well explore additives for your special needs.

The proximity of the location enables us to provide more efficient and customer-oriented service. We work closely with the teams of both companies as well as with our highly valued partners worldwide.

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH has its headquarters and production site in the Chempark Leverkusen, Germany. Our product portfolio includes specialties such as dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and anti-foaming agents. Our products are used in the segments of agricultural chemicals, fibre manufacture, paints and coatings. Furthermore, we manufacture specialty chemicals for major chemical companies on a contractual basis.

We are a member of the LEVACO Chemicals Group.


Since March 2019, 74.9% of DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs-GmbH, located in Krefeld, is now owned by LEVACO Chemicals Group GmbH.

DEFOTEC is a leading company for process chemicals for the support and optimisation of processes in the food, paper and cable industry as well as many other industries.

LEVACO looks forward to the new paths that now can be travelled based on this cooperation.


Foundation Levaco Chemicals Group GmbH


Since March 2018, we have the opportunity to even better serve the Asian market with LEVACO Far East Limited.

Our office in Hong Kong permits a reliable service and an improved customer support directly at the location.


As a former member of the BAYER Group, we have more than 50 years of experience in the fields of textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, paper auxiliaries, agrochemicals and specialties based on alkoxylation reactions. After several years working within the structures of LANXESS and TANATEX, we, LEVACO Chemicals Group GmbH, are now offering independently and on a global scale our product range and services.