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  • additives for coating and construction industry
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  • Auxiliaries for man-made fibre
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  • Additives for paper processing
    Paper Solutions
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On January 1st, 2022, DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs-GmbH merged with LEVACO Chemicals GmbH.
Therefore, the LEVACO portfolio is extended by solutions for antifoam & food, paper, cable and construction.

Experience the difference – using LEVACO Chemicals

Optimize your products using additives of LEVACO Chemicals.

If you need chemical additives for your industry of Agro, Coating, Fibre, Paper or Food, the LEVACO Product Center is your source for information with an extensive product portfolio. Furthermore, we can support you with special chemicals as well as additives in our contract manufacturing for your specific needs.

Additives for agrochemical formualtions

Agro Solutions

Additives and auxiliaries for agrochemical formulations.

Agrochemical tank-mix adjuvants

LUCROP - Agro Solutions

Optimized special tank-mix adjuvants for easier application.

Defoamer and process chemicals for the food industry

Antifoam & Food Solutions

Defoamer and other process chemicals for the food industry.

Chemical Additves for coating and construction

Coating Solutions

Additives for paints, coatings and construction materials.

Auxiliaries for fibre and cable industry

Fibre Solutions

Chemicals for the man-made fibre and cable industry.

Auxiliaries for hygiene products and nonwoven fibre

Hygiene - Fibre Solutions

Special chemicals for hygiene and nonwoven fibre.

Defoamer and additives for paper production

Paper Solutions

Defoamer and other additives for paper production.

tailor-made chemical additives

Chemicals Solutions/Contract Manufacturing

Your products – our know-how.

Cooperation with competence.

With new strategies for the future.

Our products are developed and manufactured responsibly. They adhere to compliance and legal regulations worldwide. We live in a transparent world and provide product safety information upon request.