LUCROP – Agro Solutions

LUCROP – Agro Solutions

At the Agro Solutions department of LEVACO, our team is working every day to find new solutions for farmers.
Farmers are facing different challenges when it comes to pest control:
The chemical nature of different pesticides and formulations leads to instabilities of the spray mixture. The spray process itself can cause issues such as spray drift or nozzle blocking. Weather conditions become more and more extreme and result in less satisfying/efficient pesticide treatments. New technologies are introduced into farming and challenge also the performance of the pesticide formulations.

We at LEVACO understand these problems and needs. We optimize the performance of the tank mix by providing matching adjuvants. These tank-mix adjuvants lead to the following advantages:

  • Easier application
  • increase in the effectiveness of the spray process
  • Increase of bio-efficacy of the active ingredients

We started once with a distinct problem-solver in banana growing, where pest control is crucial for fighting a threatening fungus. Now we continuously develop new and special tank-mix additives under the name LUCROP®, to improve spray mixtures of farmers for various types of crops worldwide.

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