CHEManager: Production of a natural biostabilizer as a substitute for formaldehyde

Tuesday, 6. June 2023

LEVACO successful with natural biostabilizer and organic defoamer


LEVACO focuses on sustainability, and not just since the 2023 EU directive on mandatory sustainability reporting and substitution audits for hazardous substances. Within the last years, LEVACO has pursued intensive research in this area and developed process auxiliaries suitable for organic production.

The natural biostabilizer Defostab® 220 has been used successfully for several years in the sugar industry as a substitute for the hazardous substance formaldehyde. It has proven to be a reliable processing aid for conventional and organic sugar production.

The sugar industry also benefits from the universally applicable organic defoamer Defospum® Bio BZ. It is made from various vegetable oils and free of toxicologically harmful ingredients. Within Europe, the bio-defoamer is already successfully used in most sugar factories with a bio-certificate.

LEVACO has firmly anchored the goal of developing and using sustainable products as well as environmentally friendly processes in its corporate philosophy. However, mature guidelines and stronger political support are needed for a general transformation of the chemical industry.


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