LUCROP® SRF: Biodegradable & microplastic-free film former

Thursday, 19. October 2023

Biodegradable & microplastic-free film former for the Agro-market

We are pleased to introduce our latest innovation, LUCROP®- a sustainable & green solution with a wide range of versatile applications. LUCROP® SRF, consisting of biodegradable ingredients and completely free from microplastics, is ready to replace traditional synthetic polymers such as latex polymers.

The combination of film-forming, adhesion- and rain-resistand properties combined in one convenient product makes LUCROP® SRF a high-performance product.

Benefits of LUCROP® SRF

  • Eco-friendly: Bio-derived polymer and made of biodegradable ingredients; free from microplastics.
  • Film-former: Creates a protective film over the target surface.
  • Rainfastness: Enhances resistance of pesticide deposits against wash-off by rain.
  • Sticker adjuvant: Improves the adhesion of active substances and pesticide sprays to plants and makes the droplets to be more inelastic, which reduces bounce-off and run-off from leaves.
  • Versatile application: Can be used as in-can or tank-mix adjuvant, suitable as a binding agent for seed coating.

Our team of experts will be looking forward to providing you with more information on our innovative solutions, including biodegradable film formers, as well as our wide range of solutions for the agricultural market.

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