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Thursday, 5. November 2020

Finally, a lively reunion took place on September 2, 2020, with various Asian partners from LEVACO - Business Unit Coating Solutions - over a distance of 11,000 km. This time the partners' meeting was held digitally for known reasons. Mahmoud Elgammal, as head of the Business Unit Coating Solutions, welcomed the 24 participants who represent a wide distribution network in Asia: from China and Indonesia to India.

The future in the global surfactant market is promising. An annual global growth of + 5.4% is predicted, and in the area of surfactants, in the "Paints & Coatings" application, even 9.7%. In Asia itself, the predictions are equally promising.

One more reason to introduce the partner to the latest news with additives in coatings from the LEVACO development laboratory. The special chemists of LEVACO were happy to introduce a few very effective products:

The dispersants Lucramul® AP 130, Lucramul® DA 360, Lucramul® DA 390 and Lucramul® DA UP achieve very good results in tests for solvent-based and water-soluble paints for optimizing the opacity of different paint types.

Lucramul® JET is a very effective dispersing and wetting agent both for inkjet inks and for pigment preparations, which visibly increases the color brilliance and color intensity while at the same time being very economical.

There is also positive news from the wetting & leveling color enhancers. Due to the strong reduction of the surface tension, the additives LUCRAMUL® SWT 01, LUCRAMUL® SWT 02, LUCRAMUL® SWT 333 and Lucrachem® T 1010 ensure uniform results when applying paint to different types of paint and may even be used in the food sector.

The thickeners Lucrachem® VIS 3 and Lucrachem® VIS 4 prove their extremely good effectiveness in tests with Acronal® and Joncryl®.

A lively discussion at the end of the presentations showed a great interest in the innovations and the potential of the new products for the Asian region. Inquiries for tailor-made formulations to the customer were also received to cover special requirements.

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